Hayne embraces idea of Pacific Barbarians league team


AUCKLAND: Jarryd Hayne has endorsed the concept of a Pacific Barbarians-style rugby league team.
The Fiji five-eighth backed the call of Tonga prop Andrew Fifita to have a combined Pacific Islands side included in future Four Nations tournaments, against New Zealand, Australia and England.
Hayne and Fifita were part of the Kangaroos team that won the 2013 Rugby League World Cup and are now among players from, so-called, tier-one nations opting to play for their country of heritage.
‘Fifita said a team comprising Tonga, Fiji, and Samoa players would be a match for anyone and Hayne’s a believer too.
“We’re pretty much losing money, coming back to play for your island nation, but everyone enjoys it, everyone loves it and everyone would do it in a heartbeat,” Hayne said ahead of Fiji’s quarterfinal clash with New Zealand in Wellington tomorrow.
Fiji players, for instance, began the tournament on a daily allowance of A$30 (K73.14). That’s reportedly been bumped up to A$100 (K243.83), thanks to the NRL.
The Kangaroos and Kiwis, meanwhile, are set to earn A$50,000 (K122,000) in match payments alone.
It’s little wonder teams such as Tonga and Fiji have played with so much passion during this event, because they really are playing for pride alone. And the satisfaction of tipping over the big boys, as Tonga did to New Zealand last Saturday, and Hayne believes a Pacific could do down the track.
“How good would that be? A Pacific test with all the islanders combined.” – Stuff.com.