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RESIDENTS of Port Moresby and Lae have been warned to follow simple rules such as social distancing imposed during the State of Emergency for the sake of their health and safety.
National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop and Lae MP John Rosso expressed their frustration over people continuing to leave their homes unnecessarily, and congregating in large groups.
They added to Prime Minister James Marape’s plea yesterday for everyone to cooperate with the Covid-19 national security emergency response taskforce to mitigate the spread of the pandemic.
Parkop said: “Our people are not getting the message even though we are doing our utmost best to tell them to practise social distancing and good hygiene, and to stay at home,” he said.
He said soldiers would now accompany the city’s covid-19 awareness team around the city to emphasise to people the importance of following instructions.
“Maybe (some) people need shock therapy to wake them up from their comfort zones,” Parkop said.
He admitted that trying to change people’s behavior “within one week is an impossible task”.
Parkop said the national emergency was not declared to discriminate against any group but to protect everyone.
“Your part is simple. Just stay home, only go out for essential needs,” he said.
“The 14-day lockdown is absolutely critical because the potential of people getting infected out of just one (confirmed) case is very high. These 14-day lockdown is for us to contain it.
“If people continue to walk around, be complacent and do business as usual, they are putting our city and our country at risk.”
Rosso warned people in Lae to take seriously the restrictions imposed during the national emergency.
“Since the 14-day lockdown was passed by the National Security Council, we have tried to impose the rules and restrictions in our city,” he said.
“But I see most people not taking these seriously. I want to appeal to the residents of Lae roaming around doing nothing to stay at home. Covid-19 is a serious health issue. I don’t want to see unemployed people roaming the streets of Top Town, Eriku or the market. Only working class people and those in emergency services, those going to shops and working in shops, are allowed to move around.”
He warned people to stop congregating in streets. “We must heed what has been imposed as it is good for our health,” Rosso said.
He said borders with neighbouring provinces had been closed and inter-district travelling restricted.
Parkop thanked the Government, health workers, police, and the Covid-19 awareness team for for ensuring that the city is safe.


  • Attitude is very big problem in our country. This simple instruction is not followed and why do we have to keep people who do that in our cities like Lae and Port Moresby. Can government do something about those people who roam around the cities for no good reason.
    Eye pain hia!!

    • The alternative is to deport them to respective Provinces and homes as the city and towns are for civilized citizens.

  • Its important and very important to stay alive rather than dying from Coronavirus or other factors, Government emphasize on benefit of people who are formally employed but what about others who leave through informal means and live a day at a time. 14 days is too much for them, food and necessary items for them might run out.
    HUNGRY FOR FOOD, sickness and OTHERS FACTOR IN THIS LOCK DOWN PERIOD might force people to breach SOE creating chaos. The Rapid responds team and the government must do something to quickly check on the interested people.

  • Generally, a lot of our people are illiterate and they are the ones who ate roaming the streets.
    Government has a responsibility to take approximate actions and measures in place for the bulk of the population.
    Those who disobey get them behind bars and they will learn.
    Its quite difficult task handling people and people must respect themselves.
    If they respect themselves, it’s much easier to follow government instructions.

  • Governor NCD, your. concern is supported as while commuting to work, one can see and witness unnecessary citizen especially from the highlands areas congregating and holding hands walking around with no regard to the Lockdown orders.
    Get tough is the option here for them to comply.
    Let’s tally the numbers of lockups after the COVID-19 operations.

  • Seems to me that we are not scared of covid-19 and we are hard headed like our native ancestors and can’t even follow simple rules.
    Hope the virus doesn’t spread in our country and if it does we all be infected and die like animals along the streets .
    Please please people it’s for our own good, just do as we are told to do and be good citizens.

  • We have people who are simply arrogant and no care attitude opportunists just roaming around trying to take advantage of the situation endangering the rest of the peoples lives.The Security forces must take the actions required for public safety. Those in genuine need to move around specially for food and essentials must exercise common sense but their situation considered on individual basis. Lockdown is a lockdown and people must understand these.

  • Those who are roaming around without purpose in towns must go back to the village. There is land in the village to cultivate for basic needs,

  • The police personals need to carry out strict measures on people who are congregating and walking around the place aimlessly. They need to question them and know their reasons.. Unless, they’re going around to get food or basic necessities…
    It seems that we can’t listen maybe due to the struggles that we’re facing in the cities especially pom and Lae.. Surprisingly, people are still selling Buai and smoke around.
    This is serious situation and also this lockdown has caused starvation among the so it’s such a delemmarous situation where we don’t have a choice to survive both (COVID-19 or Starvation)..
    I think the government has to consider this

  • Ples Man idea….Bring two or three COVID-19 Positive patients to PNG, quarantine them in a high security and a secluded location: Our High profile Criminals who are under Death Penalty should be put together to test their faith with the infected Covid 19 patients. They should share one common room bath and use the same toilet facilities together…After 14 to 21 day, try take their blood samples and send over to Australia for COVID -19 Testing. If they pronounced positive of this virus execute them spot on if not, Liberate them to dwell on and Uplift the BAN or whatever Strict LOCK DOWN you guys are up to and trade normally as usual…Country is on Ransom for 14 days is enough.
    THANK YOU long RIDIM na ARIM blong Yupla…
    Your Countryman…

  • Sorry, our native ancestors were more sophisticated. They developed a culture that made them live meaningfully rather the wasting time looking for other people’s wastes, rob, con, dealing drugs to survive.
    Accept modernisation with its good and bad.

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