Healthcare in trouble


IT should concern everyone that we don’t have enough health workers in the country when compared to the number of patients turning up needing help.
Students wanting to get into the health sector, whether as doctors, nurses or health workers, should know that people needing medical attention die every day in Papua New Guinea.
Some mothers die while delivering babies. Some patients die in hospitals because there are not enough medical professionals. Pediatric patients die in hospitals because doctors don’t have the necessary knowledge or equipment to do their work properly.
All these problems are real and if you are a student studying in a school of nursing or medicine, it’s time to take your study seriously.
Don’t take your opportunities for granted.
If health workers really love their job, they will serve in the remotest parts of this country and not complain.
Many of our people are dying because of poor health services.
Who will put his or her hand up to try and make things better?

Glen Burua, DWU, Madang

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