Hearing aid delays brothers’ murder case

The National,Thursday June 23rd, 2016

DEPUTY Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika has adjourned a wilful murder case involving two brothers charged because one of them had a hearing problem.
Sir Gibbs told the lawyers representing Michael and Kikira Urotove to seek medical treatment for Kikira before the trial could continue.
He said it was vital that Kikira participated in the trial because “whatever is said in court must not be related second-hand to him”.
The brothers were represented in court by two lawyers.
The lawyer representing Kikira asked the court to have the case tried separately for the two brothers.
Sir Gibbs said he could have them tried separately but needed to know how soon Kikira would have a hearing aid.
“Find out from medical people to get a hearing aid for the purpose of this court case,” he told Kikira’s lawyer.
The State prosecutor objected to a separate trial stating that the brothers should be tried together.
It is alleged that on Jan 5, 2014, at East Boroko in Port Moresby, Michael and Kikira allegedly killed a Tony Beri after accusing him of having an affair with their brother’s wife. The case returns to court next month.