Heart patient needs airline ticket for consultation in Pom

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The National – Wednesday, December 8, 2010

SIXTEEN-year-old Jordan James Epono from Mendi, in Southern Highlands, cannot enjoy his youth because he has a hole in his heart.
He has been bed ridden for six months and has been given strict instructions by his doctors to quit taking part in activities that youths his age enjoy doing, like attending school and playing sports.
In past years Epono often felt short of breath and experienced chest pains but his family never thought it was serious.
At the hospitals and health centres he would only to be treated with antibiotics and pain killers but no proper medical examination was ever carried out on him.
However, in August, Epono became very  ill and the doctors found out that he was in a serious condition and needed urgent medical treatment.
Epono was told by doctors that harmful bacteria had eaten up his heart, and created a hole in it.
The doctors said wastes left behind were blocking blood vessels which caused his breathing problems, continuous chest pains and making him feel ill and uncomfortable.
He then had to travel with his father frequently from Ialibu to Mt Hagen General Hospital for medical treatment. His father Pr James Epono is a Lutheran church pastor,
The travelling back and forth became a financial burden for the family and the situation became worse forcing Jordan to be admitted into the hospital where he could receive continuous medical treatment.
Epono needs to undergo a heart scan at Sir Buri Kidu’s Heart Foundation in Port Moresby.
But his family do not have funds to fly him to Port Moresby.
His father is now appealing to the public for assistance to finance the travel.
A total of K600 had been raised by Epono’s school mates from the Ialibu Lutheran primary school through a recent wheelbarrow push but this had been used up on bus fare and other expenses while they were travelling to and from Mt Hagen over the past months.
Those willing to help can do so by calling Epono on number 7188 9600 or Joyce Tombele on 7333 1081 and 7644 3034.
Cash deposits can also be paid into James Epono’s ANZ account number 12410549.