Hela MPs must deliver promise

Letters, Normal

A MAJOR impact project the Agiru government has embarked on is the Hela University Centre (HUC), which was launched in 2007.
It is needed to develop our human resource.
At the moment, Hela does not have sufficient educated elites to meet the employment requirements for the LNG project and other sectors.
As such, one of the most important dates in Hela calendar is Dec 24.
It will be treasured and commemorated by the Hela population for a long time as it was on this day last year that the HUC was opened.
It was a timely Christmas gift for the people and who can forget the two New Guinea Islanders – UPNG Open College administrator Aisoli Topu and senior academic staff Elly Kinkin of strategic management and business administration strand – who officiated the opening ceremony and who chose to spend Christmas with the Hela people?
The fact that they sacrificed their time to be with us at the expense of their family is something special.
They were true professionals who chose to be with the people who have been deprived of education for a long time.
The people commend the hard work and efforts of HUC project coordinator Dr Hengene Payani and working committee executives such as chairman John Mawe, deputy chairman and secretary John Ipidari, treasurer Mark Mulungu and committee members Alphonse Angi Hayabe and Nelson Halabe.
The HUC will offer university equivalent programmes and other upgrading subjects.
It is an opportunity for us to earn a university degree in Tari and we will take care of this institution for our own benefit.
The HUC is supported by all three Hela MPs and Southern Highlands provincial government.
The challenge is now on everyone to continue supporting the HUC’s operation.
Esso has recruited a number of graduates for its LNG project.
We call on Esso to tell the Hela people how many are from the region and we call on our Hela MPs to provide the funding they promised to the HUC for its operation.
Christmas is less than two months and we hope the MPs will deliver their promise they made last Christmas eve.