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‘CHAPEL in the air’ is a programme that comes on Wantok Radio Light every week day from Monday through Friday at 8-9pm.
It is an hour-long programme that opens up to individuals who are experiencing a spiritual or physical problem like disease, financial, marriage, and etc.
One can send their pray request to the studio’s number (7356 0343) so a group of prayer warriors and intercessors will pray for/with you.
Many who have been sending in their pray request to this programme have been healed, restored and delivered.
I am one of those who have been tremendously help by this programme.
Therefore, I am encouraging those individuals out there who going through any of life’s struggles, either spiritually or physically, to tune in your radio to 93.9FM in Port Moresby or 105.9FM for those in other provinces.
We cannot deny that we do not have any problems nor challenges in our lives.
We do face difficulties and challenges.
Therefore, we need one and other for guidance, words of encouragement, and prayer to help us navigate through life’s unpredictable journey.
The testimonies of those who have been restored, healed, and delivered by this programme are so amazing and encouraging.
They motivate and bring one closer to Jesus.
We must be always in the presence of God Almighty through our prayers.
“Chapel in the Air” is one way for you to go the presence of the Almighty God to find that peace you need.

Netzah Karu Kendino

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