Henganofi road builder


LETTER writer Humilaveka Nokoti’s ‘Roads to nowhere’ (The National, Oct 24) cannot go unchallenged.
Nokoti did not specify which roads lead to nowhere.
MPs are at liberty to decide which project to develop and do not need to seek approval for it, unless it’s life-threatening.
In Eastern Highlands, except in Henganofi district, no major road developments are taking place in other districts.
Member for Henganofi and the chairman for Law Reform Commission Robert Atiyafa is the only MP doing road construction.
He has done the Kesevaka road upgrade and bridge construction. Recently he had Fayatina road connecting Lufa District at Nupuru sealed.
Now he is having a road built from Lihona to Dumpu to connect Madang and Morobe provinces.
There are many people living along the corridors of this new road.
Roads are a catalyst for development.
Only leaders like Atiyafa with vision and who can see into the future do creative things to set the foundation for the betterment of the people now and in the future.
The construction of the Lihona-Dumpu road has many socio-economic benefits.
A 100-metre bridge is part of this build and when it is completed it will be the wonder of Papua New Guinea.

Norm Sakete
Okapa 2CUPS Land