Hevu continues clean water drive

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THE Wewak rural local level government in East Sepik has started distributing water tanks to hamlets, villages and settlements in the LLG area in a bid to provide clean and fresh water to as many people as possible.
Wewak rural local level government president Francis Hevu said the scarcity of safe and clean drinking water for people in his LLG area had been a major concern for years as more than 70%  of the population collect water from streams and water from wells that were not fit for human consumption.
Hevu was embarking on providing clean and safe water sources for his people so that the people do not suffer from illnesses stemmed from the consumption of water from unreliable sources.
He said streams in his LLG area were polluted by those living upstream while water wells were common breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
Last year, Hevu rolled out his clean and safe drinking water campaign by distributing seven water tanks to Paliama village on the hinterlands of Wewak.
Distribution of tanks continued last week where Mangara village on  Wewak west coast received eight 2,000-litre tanks while Kaindi settlement was allocated five this week.
Hevu said the distribution of tanks would cover all affected hamlets, villages and settlements in his area depending on the funds made available to the LLG by the government.