Hiri Moale Festival postponed

National, Normal

Then National, Tuesday 11th September, 2012

THE Hiri Moale Festival will be staged in November because of lack of funding.
Motu-Koita Assembly chairman Miria Ikupu yesterday appealed to businesses to play a bigger part in this year’s event.
He said most businesses had not offered any help despite operating in Port Moresby for more than 50 years.
Speaking at a media briefing in Port Moresby, he said they were part and parcel of the community and should put some support into the community they
worked in.     
He said Hiri Moale was the city’s identity and an official traditional occasion that should be supported.
Ikupu extended his appeal to the Tourism Promotional Authority for its backing as well.
He said the event was a major tourist attraction that lures interest from overseas.
 including countries like Holland and Germany.
He attributed the lack of feedback from major and traditional sponsors to the recent general election.
Ikupu announced the assembly’s intention of developing a five-year plan for the staging of Hiri Moale.
He said he wanted the event’s funding separated from the budget.
While acknowledging help from the Rimbuan Hijau company and Abau parliamentarian Sir Puka Temu for providing logs for past lagatois, he had extended a call to Central Governor Kila Haoda and Kairuku-Hiri MP Paru Aihi for help.
He acknowledged the National Capital District Commission for its support of K500,000 last year.
Ikupu said the festival cost K900,000 to K1 million to run annually and must be supported adequately to ensure its smooth running.