Hohola residents clean up uncollected rubbish

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The Nationl, Monday 10th September, 2012

RUBBISH has been piling up for weeks in a residential area because the authorities have failed to collect it.
That forced tenants of the National Housing Commission flats at Hohola 3 in the National Capital District to clean their surroundings themselves.Mothers, fathers and children were up early on Saturday morning to remove the rubbish.Bonny, a tenant in a flat there, said they decided to do the clean-up themselves to ensure their backyard was safe.He said instead of waiting for the authorities they decided to set an example for others to follow.
Spades, knives and hands were used to do the work. Another tenant said contractors were unreliable and did not regularly collect rubbish.She suggested better contractors be given the job to collect household rubbish.
Rubbish bags and gloves used by the tenants were reportedly supplied by the National Capital District Commission garbage collection division.