Hospital needs blood

Lae News, Normal

The National, Tuesday 26th, 2012

DWU journalism student

THERE is a shortage of blood in the Blood Bank at the Angau Memorial General Hospital, says Sister Mary Hungito.
“We have blood in our stock but we can’t meet the demand,” she said.
Hungito said blood in the Blood Bank were used in emergencies, accidents and for patients having medical problems.
“Most of the blood used on a daily basis are for patients in the gynaecology department,” she said.
Hungito has appealed to people to donate blood to the Blood Bank at the hospital.
“Donating blood is a life-saving exercise and everyone has a duty to donate blood to save people’s lives,” she said.
“There are people who are willing to donate blood, we appeal to them to come to us and donate their blood.”
Hungito said that it was vital for them to have more blood in the Blood Bank.
“We need to have more blood in our stock, and when patients needed the blood, there’s blood available to give to them to save their lives,” she said.
Hungito said their programme of going out to schools for blood donations was interrupted by school fights in the province.
She is grateful to all the educational institutions and companies who had donated blood.