Hospital receives water tanks

The National,Friday June 17th, 2016

SAINT Mary’s Vunapope Hospital in East New Britain has received three Tuffa water tanks to assist them store clean water for patients.
Kokopo Vunamami Urban LLG in Kokopo district presented the three 5000 litre water tanks to the hospital on Wednesday.
When presenting the tanks to the hospital, Kokopo city manager Freddy Lemeki said the hospital had requested for the water tanks.
He said it had taken a while for the LLG to purchase the tanks because of funding reasons.
“To fund projects within Kokopo Vunamami Urban LLG is very difficult especially at this time when everyone is stuck with finances,” he said.
Lemeki said the tanks cost K13,000.
There are two main hospitals in the province. Vunapope hospital is run by the Catholic mission and Nonga Base General Hospital is run by the government.
Deputy Director Nursing Services Sr Josepha Bini when addressing the occasion, said the Vunapope hospital had been serving the people of ENB and New Guinea Islands region for the last 85 years.
She said it was the first time the hospital had submitted a request to Kokopo-Vunamami ULLG in 2014 for six water tanks to supplement the hospital’s water supply.
She said water issues at the hospital was an ongoing issue due to technical problems with the aging water pump and standby generator.
“We see this presentation of water tanks as timely to our needs. Thank you KVULLG for your support.”