Hospital to improve quality care for patients

The National,Monday June 20th, 2016

A CLINIC was recently conducted by the Nonga General Hospital in East New Britain to ensure that everyone is accountable for their actions in the management of patients.
Hospital chief executive officer Dr Ako Yap said the workshop was to prepare the hospital board, management and staff on the importance of clinical governance and audit.
“That is for all stakeholders to be accountable for their actions in the management of patients,” Yap said.
“Most times there is more emphasis on corporate governance and very little on clinical governance. That is why the workshop emphasised on the clinical governance aspect of hospital management.”
Yap said the workshop was attended by board members, management and staff.
He said the workshop was conducted by two officials from the Department of Health Dr Maru Garo, the manager clinical standards and audit, and Dr James Amini, the chief paediatrician.
Yap said the workshop was part of the standards audit and the hospital would be assessed later to determine if it was providing the best care.
Recommendations will be made for areas that will need improvements.