Huge earthquake rocks ENB, New Ireland

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One of the biggest earthquakes in the Pacific rocked the New Ireland and East New Britain on Tuesday night at 10.58pm.
There were no reports of major casualties or damage until last night nor did the 7.5 magnitude quake stir the sea when it struck the St George Channel, about 45km northeast of Kokopo.
A series of smaller quakes followed – a 5.0 magnitude one at 12.36am yesterday and two measuring 4.7 at 6.09am and 4.8 at 1.14pm – but did not impact the area visibly.
The earthquake was 60km deep and 7.5 magnitude and was felt at Kokopo, Rabaul, New Ireland and Bougainville.
The earthquake occurred as a result of interaction between the South Bismarck and the Solomon Sea plates. There were reports of damages in Rabaul, where a tsunami was generated.
All major shops have closed because of power blackout since Tuesday during the earthquake and almost all residential properties went without power since the earthquake strike Kokopo and Rabaul on Tuesday night.
PNG Power technicians were working hard to fix the problem and hopefully by today everything would be back to normal.
Most goods from shops in Rabaul and Kokopo were damaged.
Attempts by The National for comments from the Disaster Office in Kokopo were unsuccessful.

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