Prayer the answer
I want to be part of the Hunters devotion programme every Thursday. Prayer can change the team’s fortunes. I have seen the positive effect in the Hela Wigmen and I think a refocusing and re-committing of the team to God’s way is the answer.
I don’t think the Hunters have been prayerful this year.
Something to ponder.

Bob Kebaja
Port Moresby

Play smarter footy
The Hunters need to play smarter football using their minds and skills in order to do better in their running game, kicking and defence.
They need to play intelligently and try things that will stretch, push and bend the defences.
They can do this by trying things like second-man plays, running at gaps instead of straight at the man.
Just focus on the game plan, trust their ability and play 80-minute football, that means not giving up.
Set completions are important and so is ball security. The other important thing is what happens off the field.
The players need to respect and accept the team/club culture and rules.
The coach michael Marum and every player that puts on the jersey is under scrutiny by the fans and expectations are always there to perform well.
Hopefully the Hunters spine of Bland Abavu, Charlie Simon, Ase Boas and Justin Yoka can turn things around soon.
I still believe in this team and what they can do.

Bobby Onesimus
Port Moresby

Marum’s still the best
As I read through articles published in the media, I am really happy and really like the way our coach Michael Marum conducts himself and his squad.
Discipline is a big thing for Marum. He is a trying to change attitudes by instilling discipline in the players.
Marum has shown his maturity and professionalism and he is trying to stop this so called “PNG Way” or “PNG Time”.
I commend the coach for sticking to the rules and suspending the three players from breaking team rules last week.
That’s a sign of a coach who is in charge of his team.
Well done Michael Marum.

Elizah Tep
Port Moresby

Win the mind game first
We have lost four games and that’s enough for you to know what is wrong and how to fix it.
I think the team should be one mentally. They should be of one mind. There has to be unity and togetherness.
I have a mental technique that I would be happy to share with the team.
It will promote a strong sense of togetherness that any successful team should have. Once the team gets this right, the performances and results will come.
Call me on 70677254 for more information about the technique that can be used to prepare the team for games.

Gabriel Topokai
Port Moresby

Image important too
I love watching the Hunters boys play week in week out.
What worries me a bit is looking at players playing with big beards on.
Players need to shave beards and or keep their beards short so they look neat. With beards on, some of the players look quite old.
Can the Hunters coach and his management team develop a standard that will reinforce a clean cut and respectable image of the team?
It’s probably not a big deal but it goes a long way in marketing players to international clubs.

Martyn Delai

Port Moresby

Getting better, that’s all that matters
I’m a diehard Hunters fan.
Thank you to the Hunters for the huge effort put in the Round 3 game against the Falcons.
It was your win but you gave it away. Other than the losses, the team is getting better and the standard is slowly getting higher.
We will win at home I’m sure but I just wish we could also have some away wins.
All the best in the coming game.

FRANCIS Ifiango Awaiato

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