Husband looking for missing wife

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A MAN is searching for his wife following her disappearance in Waigani, Port Moresby over the weekend.
Glenda Bill from Gumine, Simbu, was reportedly seen arguing with two women before she went missing, husband Kaman Mao said yesterday.
Mr Mao said he had searched at various locations within the city but was unable to find any trace of his 35-year-old wife.
Mr Mao, a self-employed entrepreneur, said yesterday that last Friday night, Glenda was caught in an argument with two other women when he intervened after  which Glenda left.
His wife had disappeared since the argument, according to Mr Mao.
Yesterday, the husband approached The National, appealing to others to assist in his search or provide information that could lead to her whereabouts.
He said Glenda had left behind a family including their two children aged five and two who have been devastated since her disappearance.
“My children are now sick, one is supposed to start school this week but because the mother took all the cash available and left, our daughter is still at home due to no school fees,” Mr Mao said.
The family resides at Wildlife, Erima but the wife was a regular betelnut seller outside a night club at Waigani.
Glenda is fair-skinned, slim built and average height and was last seen wearing a purple blouse, long jeans, donning a black scarf and carrying a mini-handbag.
Mr Mao has stressed his appeal for Glenda to consider their sick children’s welfare and return home immediately. 
“Your children miss you and need you,” he said.
In another incident , an 18-year-old girl from Rigo, Central province, is still missing after a month.
Nigona Peter, a student attending Gerehu Secondary school was working part-time at a shop in the Gordon
area when she went missing.
Her disappearance was noticed after she did not return home for a week.