Ialibu-Pangia schools start academic year with ceremony


SCHOOLS in the Ialibu-Pangia district of Southern Highlands had a ceremony to kick-off the 2018 academic year last Friday.
Ialibu-Pangia district education services, for the first time, had all the heads of different schools and institutions together and vowed to do their best to lift the standard of education in the district.
The event was organised by district education adviser Warea Paita.
The ceremony was attended by teachers from Ialibu and Pangia secondary schools, 37 primary schools, 125 elementary schools, Kepi and Pangia vocational centres as well as standards officers and principals.
The gathering was praised as a way to bring teachers together to embrace their profession and passion as educators and to recognise the importance of teachers.
Highlands regional education director Alosis Rema said the ceremony was a good initiative even though the district was behind as the school year started two weeks ago.
Rema said the school curriculum has a sequence and its timing and must be followed so not to affect the students learning.
He said enrolling drop-outs at primary and secondary schools also affected students’ learning.
“Those teachers entertaining gifts to enrol school drop-outs and married people will be dealt with.”
Rema challenged teachers not to chew betel nut or smoke in front of students, be neat and tidy and be good examples to students.

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