Iarowari is the first school to implement SLIP

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IAROWARI High School became the first in Central province to implement the school learning improvement plan (SLIP) last Friday.
Senior school officer Paul Ainui said SLIP, which was launched last year, was not only for the development of the physical environment of the school but also for staff development, improvement of the administration and management, better school governance and community relations.
SLIP offers a three-year holistic approach to the good management of a school involving students, parents, board and community to be responsible and take ownership of their school and all the planned projects.
Those involved are headed by the Koiari LLG president Avosa Kave.
Mr Kave said one of the first plans was to build staff houses outside of the school yard so that all the teachers can move out and allow space for further developments.
“With the K107,400 received from their governor, they have already started on the staff houses, the renovation of the administration block and the completion of two new dormitories for the boys,” he said.
Central province education adviser Titus Hatagen urged students to be agents of change by taking their education seriously and participating in good changes happening to their school.
“SLIP was developed with the students in mind, so they have the right to speak up about their concerns.
They also have the responsibility to ensure that their facilities were well-looked after,” he added.
Scripture union school prefect Johnny Nau told visitors that the main problem the boarding boys faced was the rundown ablution block.
“At the moment, the boys are using the river as their ablutions to do laundry because their shower block and toilets are not working.
Head girl Lillian Amatus said their senior girls did not have fencing around their dormitory which was behind the boys’ dormitories and the student mess area.
After this, they will be monitored, reviewed and evaluated for the next three years of SLIP.