ICT benefits many

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THE Papua New Guinea Computer Society’s annual seminar yesterday revealed that the information and communication technologies (ITC) in PNG is heading towards an inappropriate trend.
The Government was also called in to ensure measures are undertaken to promote appropriate ICT solutions.
Quoting from a World Bank statement in 2002, Prof Victor van Reijswoud of the Divine Word University said: “Information and communication technologies are a key input for economic development and growth as they offer opportunities for global integration while retaining the identity of the traditional societies.”
“ICT can increase the economic and social well-being of poor people, and can empower individuals and communities and can also enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and transparency of the public sector, including the delivery of social services,” he added.
Prof Reijswoud said ICT played a vital role in connecting people to the rest of the world and the improvement of this sector was the way forward in keeping the people of PNG updated with the progress of the world.
The corporate secretary for the Independent Consumer and Competition Committee Elastus Geroro said that already the future of the telecommunications industry in PNG is now under a new regulatory environment with the Government already suggesting policies to further sd.