ICT firm joins BSP’s online payment ecosystem


NIUGINI Geeks is the first information communication technology (ICT) provider in the country to join Bank South Pacific’s online payment ecosystem, an official says.
“The addition of this new industry to our e-commerce group extends the online payment offering to yet another group of customers,” BSP general manager (digital) Nuni Kulu said.
Niugini Geeks, a company that specialises in ICT solutions for individuals and businesses off its e-commerce page, in partnership with BSP launched online payments on their website through the internet payment gateway (IPG) system on Monday.
Kulu said in the digital era, online payments offered businesses a platform for expansion and reach, while focusing on enhancing customer experience.
Niugini Geeks Ltd general manager Claire Lee said they anticipated a growth in business as the e-commerce platform provides more options for their
customers to do business with them.
She said they had reached out to their clients about online payments, and customers had shown a keen interest in it.
Lee said their customers typically had been making payments using bank transfers, Eftpos and cheques.
“We are very excited about this as this has been a long awaiting feature,” she said.
“BSP has put us on par with other countries.
“We would like to take this opportunity to thank BSP for all the support throughout the journey.”
BSP encourages businesses to consider moving online and it will ensure there is support with every step of the on-boarding processes.
Businesses interested in setting up a payments page on their website can contact BSP through email servicebsp@bsp.com.pg and call BSP 3201 212 or 7030 1212.

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