Improving ambulance services on priority list


HEALTH and HIV/AIDS Minister Sir Puka Temu has called on MPs to talk to the Health Department before buying ambulances.
He told Parliament that the Health Department was trying to standardise ambulances in the country and get them equipped properly.
Nuku MP Joe Sungi had questioned why the cost of ambulances which was needed to save lives was higher than the cost of buses used for public transport.
Sir Puka said the Government had no influence over the cost of vehicles as it was a commercial decision a business makes.
“We are hoping to get a standardised ambulance and then buy it in bulk from the suppliers to cut on costs,” he said.
“We are also planning on getting two standardised ambulances – one fully equipped for the urban setting and one equipped for the rural setting.
“And then have them ordered in bulks to cut on the cost, and at the same time improve the ambulance service for the nation.”
Sir Puka said they were also planning to have ambulance drivers and paramedics trained by the St Johns Ambulance.