Increase in PMV fares affecting workers


THE recent increase in PMV fares is placing lot of stress on low income earners in Lae.
I believe it was only a proposal by the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC) Commissioner and chief executive officer Paulus Ain.
The explanation was just highlighting the increase in fuel prices and nothing more.
Fuel prices have remained at either plus or minus 50t to K1 throughout since 2019.
This increase will cause most low income earners to struggle.
The minimum wage for workers has not improved despite the Government’s instrument outlining a minimum wage of K3.50 per hour.
Some companies are still paying K1.80 to K2.40 and authorities have not done much to improve this situation.
Authorities need to address minimum wage before increasing the prices of goods and services.
I appeal to the ICCC to reconsider their decision.
I realise that not enough awareness was carried out regarding the increase in PMV fares.
The authorities in Lae need to step in and address the charging of K3 per passenger in the city’s routes. The PMV operators and their crews are acting like they are in authority.
It seems there are a lot of traffic infringements in Lae and increase in road accidents.
The responsible authorities are not doing anything about this.
The city is going to the dogs.

Exson Timothy Soli,
Urban Planner,

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