Informal sector contributes to economy

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 06th December 2011

MANY people are talking about enforcing the Va­grancy Act because of rural-urban drift.
While it may be good to enforce the act, I believe the informal sector is also contributing to the country’s economy.
Those in the public and private service do not supply garden produce to meet the demand of consumers but the unemployed youths, fathers and mo­thers who play this vital role.
As such, the informal sector contributes to the country’s economy.
For instance, a mother, after selling her produce, buys store goods.
When she does this, she is paying tax (VAT) to the government and this contributes to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
Income generated from the sales of garden produce goes to paying their children’s school fees.
The government should implement the informal economy policy so that there is proper monitoring and control of local produce.
As the people in the in­formal sector contribute to the country’s economy, I think it is unfair to repatriate them to their respective provinces.

Peter Amos Monex
Via email