Information on political parties available online


PEOPLE can now access information about political parties and affiliations through an online application created by the Registry of Political Parties, registrar Dr Alphonse Gelu says.
The Political Parties and Members of Parliament (Pamps) application was launched on Friday and could be accessed at the registry’s website (
“This is part of the overall awareness exercise by the registry to address the limited knowledge that people of this country have on political parties,” Gelu said.
He said Pamps would be easy for school children to access on their mobile phones.
“From our findings and observations, we see that people of this country are not familiar with the names of the political parties, their policies, their history and why they were created, their leadership and vision.
“Despite the positive outcomes that would emerge from a number of awareness, the registry continues to face severe funding shortages.”
Gelu explained that Pamps did not cost the registry any money.
“It is the initiative of the staff who developed Pamps as an option to getting people to know more of the parties with no cost to the registry.”
He said information on Pamps would be updated every month.
“The application will also show where parties are located, contact numbers and addresses of the parties. This is to allow people to contact parties that they wish to join parties as financial members.”
Gelu appealed to members of the public to be members of political parties. “This would allow parties to have a solid foundation in which they will stand on in pursuing their fight to gain control of the Government.”