Inmates learn skills

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday February 26th, 2014


A GROUP of female prisoners at the Barawagi jail, in Chimbu, have been undergoing training on how to earn an income from planting and selling flowers.

The group has 19 women.

Facilitator and Kerowagi Rehabilitation Centre team leader, Julie Kesa Monguai said the floriculture training was important in empowering women to earn a living from selling flowers.

The centre teaches women serving jail terms on how they can earn a living from flowers.

She said this was done to provide the women with an opportunity to support themselves after they leave prison.

“I’m imparting the skills to you so that in future when you complete your jail term, you can go home and start your own flower business,” she said.

“This skill you are learning is helpful and you must put it into good use because flower is in big demand.

“Many think that flowers do not have any use as far as making money is concerned. 

“Now you know that flowers can make you money.”

She said the women must learn to be self-reliant to be successful.

“This is an opportunity for you to support yourselves when your jail term is completed.”

Monguai said “prison” did not mean “the end’ because there were opportunities to pursue after life in prison. 

“What you have learned is not a waste as it will support and guide you,” she said.