Inspect schools in Safia LLG


MANY elementary students in rural areas have not been issued certificates after completing elementary 2.
This is especially for schools in the remote areas in Musa Valley, Safia local level government, Northern.
I am calling on the provincial education division elementary unit to get these schools inspected.
Teachers should be warned to perform their duties with trust and confidence in their service.
These teachers are paid by the Education Department to teach children, from beginners to elementary 2.
These teachers are supposed to get children tested and provide certificates to allow them go in to grade 3 at community/primary schools but that has not been happening.
At the beginning of the academic year, parents brought in children to school and forced teachers there to enrol them. These students most times fail their examinations.
I’m not sure why inspectors are not inspecting the schools in Safia local level government.

Concerned Parent and
Board Member
Jari Community School,