Institute launches website to improve work


THE National Institute of Standards and Industrial Technology (Nisit) launched its website in Port Moresby yesterday with the aim of getting people to have access to improving the quality of their work.
Nisit director-general Victor Gabi said it took them 18 months to work on the website and launch it but more work was needed to be done.
Gabi said what prompted them to come up with the website was that they received comments from the community that their website was not up to date.
He said from an awareness coverage, 75 per cent of the people said they knew nothing about Nisit.
He added that a 2019 Transparency International survey had also rated Nisit lowly and it was an issue that needed to be addressed.
“When we talk about a website, it is a virtual platform of a physical business that you run.
“You can never dress up your website and put things in there that you never do in your office,” he said.
“So we had to address our upgrade reforms not virtually only but physically as well to change our business.”

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