Institute sees more jobs available despite of growing unemployment


THERE is no excuse for Papua New Guineans to say there is no job, says an institute executive director.
“Unemployment has increased in the country and there is no excuse for us to say we cannot find jobs,” Asia Pacific Institute of Social, Economic and Technical Studies director Thomas Phillar said.
“The government needs to identify areas where the country can make more revenues and there are many avenues where we can make money from.
“All there is to do is to identify job avenues and train the youths who are not able to continue with their education.”
He said driving, fishing, gold-finding were some of the avenues for making more money.
“There are some jobs that we don’t need to learn the alphabet to get employed,” Phillar said.
“Just give them the equipment and they can go out there like fishing and come back and sell it to our hotels and restaurants.
“They just need the basic hands-on skills which most of them are good at.”
Speaking at the launch of the institute’s corporate training programme, Phillar said he discovered that old age care in the US and Australia was a great opportunity to earn money .
“Just send some youths to our institute, we can train them for a year and then send them overseas to work,” he said
He said there were so many things one could do to generate an income.
He encouraged business and state organisations present at the launching to create a better network of partnership to enable the institute to work with them.