Institute trains students on how to make money


Twelve students completed level 2 of Game of Money, a practical training course at the Human Development Institute, and received certificates on Friday.
Game of Money teaches life skills by challenging the students to use a K10 investment to make K170 during the course.
“True work is when you have access to the resource and use it,” said the institute’s founder, Samual Tam.
“We have doubts every day and that had always limited our potential to do great things. “Poverty only exists in our mind. You don’t need to own the resource, you only need to have access to it to use it,”
Tam said that Papua New Guineans had resources and needed to do something with them to find wealth.
“It’s the universal law of success that you have to give in order to receive,” he said.
“When you listen to me you don’t get rich but if you put my words into practice you will.”
The student who made the most money from the K10 investment was Joshua Seriba. He said he reached his target in seven days.
“On the first day I sold betel nuts and made K20, the next day I sold betel nuts again and got K30. From there I was able to buy cigarettes and expanded to eventually reach K171,” he said.
He said the course was a life-changing experience.
He took science in high school but after Game of Money he was seeing new opportunities in business.