Interim uni council to probe allegations, improve management

Youth & Careers

THE role of the University of Papua New Guinea interim council is to investigate allegations made against it and look at ways of improving its management and operations, says Chancellor Robert Igara.
He was addressing students at the forum square yesterday.
“There are two parts to the terms of reference: one is to investigate allegations (against the university) and two, look for ways to improve the university’s operations and management to reposition (it) as the number one university,” he said. Igara said the council was aware of reports and “hearing a lot of things” and planned to meet the National Academic Staff Association, deans and the students to hear from them.
“Otherwise we might be hearing false information,” he said.
The council will be visiting facilities such as the dining halls, dormitories and staff quarters.
“We want to visit the whole university so that we understand the state of the university,” Igara said.
He said the biggest concern was the future of students of the university.
“The purpose of the university when it was set up is to provide the opportunity for young men and women of PNG to have access to knowledge and wisdom,” he said.
“When you come out, you can say that you have gone through an experience which has given you a qualification recognised in any part of the world.”