Be more involved in business, women told


Women from the Momase region have been challenged to take part in and to do better in the creation and running of small to medium enterprises (SMEs).
Team leader representing non-State actors Leonnie Rakanangu told mothers that there was a lot that still needed to be done when it came to women and SMEs, especially in the Momase region.
She was speaking at the APEC/ Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy (PPWE) regional workshop and expo held in Lae last week.
Rakanangu said the four provincial governments must promote SMEs because there is not much Government support.
“An SME baseline survey has showed that female ownership at any level is lowest in Momase (5 per cent), compared to Southern (9 per cent), Highlands (8 per cent) and Islands (8 per cent) respectively,” she said.
“Surveys done have showed that there are 10 obstacles to doing business in all regions.
“We have identified four obstacles to doing business in Momase region including lack of infrastructure (electricity, water and telephones), access to trained Government official, dealing with banks and lack of Government incentives.”
Rakanangu said East Sepik was the only province that had an SME plan in place.
She said there were opportunities available to create and support SMEs such as strong leadership provided by women, especially women provincial administrators and financial literacy training by Bank of PNG and commercial banks.
“However, for export SMEs, there are none,” Rakanangu said.

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