Ipatas must create jobs for Engans too

Letters, Normal

Enga Governor Peter Ipatas has stated that his government has invested more than K70 million to develop human resource in Enga (The National, Sept 25).
I would like to congratulate him for making that effort although the actual amount invested is debatable.
I have observed that from the day he became governor and implemented the free education policy, Enga still lacks qualified human resources.
So it appears the return from the governor’s investment has failed dismally or the qualified people decided not to return home but look for greener pastures elsewhere.
It is not only teachers that Enga badly needs but also other professionals which the province is desperately seeking.
If Mr Ipatas can subsidise school fees for every student in Enga, he must also create job opportunities for those Engans who have graduated and those who will be graduating.
It is essential for him to do this so that Engans can come home and serve their province with pride.
There are many Enga students who have graduated but roaming the streets in the cities and towns looking for jobs.
Should they be employed, they are bound to stay and contribute to the development of wherever they are and Enga gains nothing in the end.
As such, I call on Mr Ipatas to seriously look into this issue and bring the best back to Enga.


Yan PhiNex