Is there a cause for concern?

Letters, Normal

The National

WHILE the rest of the country is celebrating the 34th Independence anniversary, I find no reason to celebrate.
What is there to celebrate when our people at Menyamya, Wasu and Angau are dying from influenza, dysentery and cholera?
What is there to celebrate when we drive in pot-hole infested roads in Lae and rural areas to deliver medicines and save those who are sick and dying?
What are Morobe leaders like Health Minister Sasa Zibe, Governor Luther Wenge and acting Chief Secretary Manasupe Zurenuoc doing about these outbreaks in your own backyard?
Can you all stop the outbreaks and prevent the diseases from spreading, save lives and restore confidence?  
The province, the people and the nation are looking at what you are doing.
Is there not a cause for concern for Morobeans?  

Bapa Bomoteng