Isifu wants MPs to work together to rebuild province


WEWAK MP and Minister for Inter-Government Relations Kevin Isifu has appealed to all East Sepik MPs, including the governor, to work together for the good of the province.
“We are a new group of leaders, therefore, we have to put the interest of our people first despite our political differences,” Isifu said.
“After all, we are all from East Sepik so we must work together and support each other.
“As a minister in the current government, I am happy to work with all the MPs of East Sepik.
“They must feel free to come and see me and we have to develop our province because our province has a lot of challenges.”
Isifu said the province had fallen behind in terms of service delivery over the years.
He said MPs must work together to rebuild the province.
“We, the leaders, must put all our differences and pride aside and face the real challenge of our province,” Isifu said.
“The reality is that our province is lagging behind in terms of development so let us work together with the government of the day to rebuild our province.”
Isifu said East Sepik was recognised and given two senior and important ministerial portfolios and he urged the MPs to make use of these two ministerial positions to bring changes to their respective districts and the province.

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