Islanders dispute sale of land by Duke of York LLG

National, Normal

The National – Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DUKE of York Islanders, East New Britain, are disputing a Kokopo joint district planning and budget priorities committee decision to sell an economical plot.
They believed the deal was made by the local level government (LLG) without the knowledge of the bulk of people it represents.
Kokopo Fisheries Co-operative Association Ltd chairman Luke Jack said the Association had taken a stand on behalf of the people of Duke of York islands to dispute the decision because it comprised the bulk of fisherman from the islands who had other plans for developing the plot.
He said they failed to see the logic in the transaction, saying the deal was a sign of weakness and incompetency.
“It demeans their capacity to come up with appropriate plans to meaningfully utilise the people in developing what rightfully belongs to them,” Jack said.
He said the idea of selling the plot was not addressed in an appro­priate manner.
“I am disturbed at the executives of Duke of York LLG being ill-advised in selling the plot.
“That area is a prime area and the people have the right to contribute plans to develop it in a manner in which the stakeholders fully benefit from its outcome.”
Jack wants LLG pre­sident Aisak Ilom and LLG ma­nager Darius Kunai to explain why the deal was executed without the knowledge and endorsement of the people.
He said they would be taking a court injunction on the decision.
The plot that has been sold out is located on the Kokopo beach front.