Issues in lower Porgera ignored


LIVES have been lost in a war between two neighbouring clans of Eno and Anga in Porgera, Enga, since the fight started in March this year.
Eno and Anga are located in the lower part of Porgera River.
The Porgera mine’s tailings are disposed there.
There are no government services in lower Porgera eventhough the a big mine is located there.
When a fight began in March, no body cared about addressing it.
During elections, leaders focus on lower Porgera because of the large population.
Just recently, the local level government president of Paiela-Hewa Sailas Aiyala accompanied soldiers to Porgera and took about a eight hours walk down to lower Porgera and had discussions with two warlords on to how to resolve the conflict.
Aiyala proved to be a good leader by his actions.
I am grateful for what he has done.
It is everyone’s responsibility to contribute to solving such problems.

Newman Leo
Mt Hagen secondary(12A)

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