Jail boss raises concern over overcrowding


THE condemnation of the Jomba Police Station cell in Madang is adding to the issue of overcrowding at Beon Jail, says jail commander Andrew Polis.
He said the jail had the capacity to hold up to 200 inmates but the figure doubled when 87 people were jailed for murder last week.
He said more inmates were going to Beon because the police cell could not hold them due to sewage problems.
Madang acting deputy provincial administrator Markus Kachau said the provincial government had ordered a pump from Australia to fix the problem.
The cell was condemned by the Madang Urban Health Authority two weeks ago when raw sewage flooded the cell floor.
An inspection carried out by health inspectors condemned the cell.
Provincial police commander Ben Neneo has been liaising with the provincial government to fix the problem.
Justice David Cannings last December ordered that the old cell be maintained as it was unfit for human occupation.
Following the court order, major maintenance was carried out while a new cell was opened, especially for women and juveniles.
Kachau said the pump ordered from Australia would be installed to enable the old cell to be used again.

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