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TRADING illegal substances such as drugs to raise money for school fees is not an acceptable reason, senior Goroka District Court Magistrate Frank Manue says.
Magistrate Manue said the most common reason given by men and youths for selling marijuana (Cannabis) was to pay for school fees.
“There are many ways to raise money for school fee and selling marijuana is unacceptable,” he said.
He said this when sentencing Watson Naigun, 30, of Kubukam village, Sumkar, Madang, to two years imprisonment after finding him guilty of being in possession of 3.93kg of marijuana and with the intent to sell.
The marijuana was rolled and packed in school exercise book pages.
Naigum told the court that he was taking the drug to Madang to sell and make money to pay for his school fees at Kamaliki Technical Vocational Education Training (Tvet) school where he is studying carpentry and joinery.
Magistrate Manue imposed the sentenced on Tuesday after Naigum pleaded guilty on charges of being in possession of marijuana, contravening section 3 (1) (d) of the Dangerous Drug Act.
Magistrate Manue noted the guilty plea that made the court’s job easy but due to the serious nature of the offence he needed to be punished.


  • Smoking and possessing drug is very common everyday in Goroka market and streets so those in authority need to walk through and start doing something rather than moving around in vehicles because drug users especially in Goroka market are still practicing everyday because only the traders are entertained.

  • Ok, now put in jail with maximum sentence those in possession n part of the cocaine bust in n png.. foreigners give them 20 years…

  • Not a day goes by without news/reports on farming/selling & possession of marijuana by ordinary citizens on our daily newspapers. Obviously, people knew that marijuana is an illicit/illegal plant yet they take their chances farming & selling or using despite of the penalties and mental-health risks. WHY?? is the big question that our policy markers should ask. What is the strategic to use if present laws are being overlooked/breached? I think we have to amend the Drug Laws. 1) Lets commercialize the weed or 2) Impose severe penalties like 30 years jail term.

  • If the source is removed, all other existing branches will dry and die out.Impose severe penalties for the growers who supply such illicit/illegal drugs.
    I want our leaders to also come in to such face book comments so that they know what we are talking about regarding issues. I don’t think our so call leaders are seeing all the comments that we are posting on the face book because I don’t see any members of the Parliament making comments on this group.It is a big question and if this is not seen by our leaders then who can screen our comments,its a waste of our big time sitting and contributing ideas.

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