Japan keen to fix neglected road


The Japanese government has expressed interest in developing a  neglected road in remote Pomio, East New Britain, MP Elias Kapavore says.
Public Service Minister Kapavore said the South Coast Economic Corridor Highway must be supported with Government funding.
He said this after a visit to Pomio by Japanese Ambassador Satoshi Nakajima, deputy secretary for National Planning and Monitoring Samuel Koney, and East New Britain deputy governor Cosmas Bauk.
Nakajima and Koney were presented the district development plan and the scope for the South Coast Highway.
“The development of this neglected 330km South Coast Economic Corridor Highway will also link Pomio with the West New Britain electorates of Kandrian-Gloucester and Talasea,” he said.
“This highway currently has two oil palm and a rubber project operating along the way.
“The highway also has huge potential for agriculture, tourism and fisheries projects.
“The highway begins from Sinivit local level government and connects the other four LLGs of Pomio district to Kandrian-Gloucester and Talasea. “It has not been given prominence by the Government in the past.”
Kapavore said the road needed rehabilitation.
“The major challenge is the constructions of 15 bridges along this corridor,” he said. “This does not include the culvert and causeways.”
Kapavore said due to the neglected state of the road,
many people have died travelling by boat from Palmalmal to Kokopo.
“The current Pomio district development plan identified this important road as a key enabler to stimulate economic growth and to improve basic
standard of life for our people,” he said.
“This leads to integral human development as envisaged in the National Strategic Plan 2030 and Vision 2050.”