Japanese PM responds well to concerns on illegal fishing, air transport


JAPANESE Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has responded positively to proposals from Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Rimbink Pato to address illegal fishing in the Pacific and to assist in
improving air transport in the region.
Abe, who met Pato while in New York to attend the United Nations general assembly, said increased cooperation on coastal guard vessel surveillance would address the need to monitor waters to stop illegal fishing.
He addressed the airline connectivity issue by stating that improvements would be discussed by aviation officials from the two countries.
Pato thanked Japan for being a trustworthy development partner for Pacific island countries.
Pato praised the assistance provided by the Overseas Fishery Cooperation Foundation, a Japanese non-profit organisation, on fisheries training, refurbishment of fisheries stations,
procurement of equipment and technical advice.
Pato conveyed Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s invitation to Abe to attend the Apec Leaders’ Summit in Port Moresby in 2018.
Among Japan’s contributions to Apec are the donation of buses and ambulances, and the provision of musical instruments and training for the military band for ceremonial performances at the leaders’ summit.

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