Jiks Raiders beat 14 teams in tourney to claim K500, trophy


JIKS Raiders claimed the winners’ trophy and K500 after they beat K-Roots 25-23 in the women’s volleyball final at Bukapena village in the Mul-Baiyer, Western Highlands, on Sunday.
Organiser Benny Paia said 14 teams took part in the tournament which tipped off last month.
He said K-Roots pocketed K400 while the other 12 teams received K80 each during Sunday’s presentation.
“The aim of the tournament was to promote gender equality and instil confidence among mothers,” Paia said.
“They never take part in any sporting activities after getting married even though they’re still capable of playing.
“A select side will be formed to compete in other volleyball tournaments in the province.
“I am also looking forward to organising another tournament in April.”
He said sponsors Andrew Korowa (K2,000), former Mul-Baiyer MP Sani Rambi (K1,000), Gabriel Michael (K1,000), Apkas Melpa (K300) and Koma Farm Didiman Supplies (K200) had assisted the tournament.
Raiders captain Gant Jerry said many mothers and girls seldom took part in sporting activities.
She said tournaments were usually organised for men, with women attending only as spectators.
“It was different last month when the tournament started,” Jerry said.
“Our husbands, sons and family members cheered for us.”
She said the tournament united everyone.
Jerry said many women played sports back in the day when they were single, but they could no longer compete in sports after getting married.