Jimi no longer in back pages thanks to Goi

Letters, Normal

The National

IT is good that Jimi electorate is heading in a new direction.
I must commend MP Wake Goi for doing a good job.
He is in the midst of planning great things for the electorate.
I see Mr Goi as a man of integrity. 
Three years ago, Jimi was on of the most disadvantaged districts in PNG, lacking basic services such as roads, bridges, health, education and many other public facilities. 
However, since Mr Goi entered office two years ago, there has been a marked change.
He is winning the war against corruption in Jimi and has channelled all funds for the benefit of everyone in the electorate. 
I must thank him for establishing a new LLG for Lower Jimi, appointing a new district administrator, installing satellites phones, depositing K2 million into ADB for long term development, building foot bridges, buying new ambulances, upgrading Jimi High School, fixing the old airstrip and upgrading the deteriorating roads and bridges. 
Mr Goi has also bought and distributed almost 1,000 coffee pulping machines throughout Jimi. 
He has also presented a very detailed acquittal of the K4 million.
He is a transparent MP.
I am pretty sure we will see more changes in Jimi. 
Keep up the good work.


Kopun Ondkondo Bii