Jiwaka boasts winning doubles


TWO women graduated in pastoral training alongside their husbands at the Wesleyan Bible College in Jiwaka on Friday.
Christina Simon and Catherin Joshua graduated with their husbands Garry Simon and Joshua Geroge after completing the three-year certificate programme on pastoral training.
The four were the only ones who received their certificates, witnessed by church leaders, fellow students, and relatives.
College principal Andy Kela said Catherin and Christina were the first women to enrol in the three-year programme and graduated.
He said they used to enrol men only in pastoral training.
Wesleyan Church national superintendent Reverend Roy Mung told the graduates that they had a big responsibility to shoulder.
He said law and order problems were created by people every day because they did not have the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives.
“As servants of the Lord, they have a big responsibility to really plant the word of God in the lives of the people in order to change them spiritually,” he said.