Jiwaka flood affects thousands


ABOUT 4000 people living in Kindeng block, Jiwaka, are badly affected by the Tuman River which changed course and destroyed their properties.
The river changed course on Monday night due to heavy rainfall at its source and diverted its flood waters to the Minang village, washing away about 50 homes, three elementary schools and a Seventh-day Adventist Church.
It also destroyed food and coffee gardens, washed away pigs, chickens and other livestock.
The villagers were caught by surprise and did not have time to remove their belongings.
Councillor Tommy Timiti confirmed that more than 4000 people from three council wards in the area were affected by the flood.
“It took all of us by surprise on Monday night, we manage to escape with what we can save, the rest are destroyed,” he said.
“All we wanted is, we want help from MPs and authority to redirect the cause of the river.”

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