Judiciary arm in Kimbe celebrates special events


THE judiciary arm in Kimbe celebrated triple events with the Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia on Friday.
Events celebrated included:

  • Opening of the extended court house chamber to accommodate a second resident judge,
  • the elevation of Kimbe to sub regional national court location; and,
  • Welcome and dedication of second resident judge, acting Justice Nicholas Miviri who was recently appointed.

Since pre-independence the judiciary body has always had the high courts (National, Supreme) travel to outer provinces for three weeks to hear cases which resulted in backlogs. Kimbe alone has a backlog of more than 3,000 cases some dating back as far as 1987.
Sir Salamo said the National Judiciary aims to decentralise services so the people can have easy access and can register their cases where they are instead of travelling distances.
Meanwhile, Governor Sasindran Muthuvel thanked Sir Salamo and the National Judiciary for the new court house which will be a milestone project in Bialla Town.
He said because of the oil palm industry, Bialla was growing and has a big multi-ethnic population where people have lived in unity for the past 40 years.

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