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MEMBERS of Parliament have been urged to focus on their people during this difficult times and get back to work in order to deliver according to their people’s expectations.
Northern Governor Gary Juffa, speaking at a press conference on Friday, said MPs should not lose sight on what’s expected of them and continue to work on behalf of their people.
“Since we have been in this retreat, we have continued working.
“From the moment these political issues came to the fore, our prime minister instructed us to get right back to work,” he said.
“Many of us have been visiting our districts, our provinces, continuing with work and carrying out the very important review of the year gone by and what’s to come ahead of us.
“We have interacted with the public service, State-owned enterprises, the disciplined forces in a way where we can look at how we can modernise the machinery that is designed to develop, build a brand-new type of PNG where we can say we are truly free.”
Governor Juffa commended Opposition Leader Belden Namah for exercising his democratic right in challenging Prime Minister James Marape’s election and appointment as in the Supreme Court and to test it according to law.
“It should not distract us from the work ahead of us. We have work to do. Our country awaits and our people await.
“There are many opportunities, there are many responsibilities that we must attend to and I want to say that’s what we’ve been doing for the last how many days at this retreat.
“It’s an initiative that the PM has promoted since taking office and we will continue to do this whereby we wrap up the year, coming together, discussing, working, reviewing, reforming, thinking about what’s going to happen in the future and how we’re going to get there.
“We will continue to work on behalf of our people.
“I urge my colleagues on the other side to focus on the work that’s required by all of us, whether we’re in Government or in Opposition it really matters not.
“It just matters that we deliver to the expectations of our people, especially during this very difficult times with the Covid-19 and the downturn in the global economy.
“I think it needs all of us, all hands on decks and we’ve got to simply get back to work.”


  • Stern, Garry is a National Leader, a highly intelligent person and an esteemed individual, an investigator, who gave his share of service to this country in his capacity as Chief of Customs before entering politics.

    Stop belittling National Leaders like you are doing without any good reasons.

  • Stern, Challenge Garry Juffa in 2022 election and show us your capabilities.
    For now I think you a making alot of noise. Safe your emotions and Challenge him. Other wise you are fool.

  • Stern. How much have you contributed to the nation building?. Stop your nonse comments about good leaders

  • Nobody is impeccable. Sometimes we all require someone to tell us our ineptitude. You must at all times know that whenever you’re a leader you will have to deal with criticism. If you can’t work with people you don’t deserve to lead people If no one is criticizing your leadership and you are not coxswaining aptly.

    This year has been pervasive with criticism of high-profile leaders and bureaucrats are easy targets for people who want to oust their infuriation. It is indeed never fun to be on the obtaining end of criticism.

    Remember, the merely savour of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you. The doom of the world will be such as the world ought to have or deserves. One of the criteria for national leadership should therefore be a talent leader in excepting and deserving criticisms and condemnations from people.

    Enoch MacTeine Agyonga
    Giriu Village
    Chuave Chimbu Province

  • Can the Ombudsman look into the peaks and previleges of the elected members with these political standoff and factions in camps should their Salaries be docked? Since they are lobbying for support and not working. Wasting Governments time, resources and and money. God bless PNG

  • Please PNG,
    Always remember that only God Judge. Do not judge others but encourage them to follow the right track.

    Noken Faul PNG, givim strong long usait we toktok lo mekim gutpla sidaun blo yumi olgeta people.

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