Jungle training for Aussies

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SURVIVAL and living in the jungle is natural for a Papua New Guinean who can survive by living off the bush and that is  what is happening currently in a joint military exercise between the PNGDF and the Australian defence force in Central province.
PNGDF operations commander  Navy Capt  Max  Aleale and his officers from the Defence Force headquarters and the Australian forces command commander Major-Gen  David Morrison and his  staff witnessed this during a visit in the jungle phase joint exercise at  Vanapa in Central province.
During their visit, the military presented two small tapa water tanks which were installed at the Kerea primary school and some sports equipment as a gesture of appreciation to the locals of Kerea local level government area.
“I  want you to know that the PNGDF belongs to the people of Papua New Guinea and by allowing us (the military) to use your jungle for this exercise is much appreciated.
“I treasure this partnership between you the people of Kerea and the military,” Capt Aleale said.
Meanwhile, Major-Gen Morrison also thanked the locals and added that the training was most valuable for both militaries and the two nations.
“This joint exercise is capturing its objective and is very useful for our Australian soldiers to  to learn the skills of surviving and living in the jungle from their PNGDF counterparts  in  this  exercise,” Major-Gen Morrison  said.
During the exercise, the soldiers conducted other activities like law and order awareness, health awareness, medical clinic and military display for the benefit of the local people.