Justice system compromised


OUR justice system is compromised by some selfish officers who cannot stand and do their job as true Papua New Guinean patriots with honesty and transparency.
Why are we seeing so many court cases struck out by the court due to incomplete case files?
I intend not to offend or blame anyone but we ought to be honest with what we are assigned to do and dedicate ourselves to pursue justice as true PNG professionals.
Police investigators assigned to collect evidence and present court files should be dedicated to what they are doing.
Justice depends on you even if it means giving your time and endless effort to look for evidence or summon people who have been reluctant to provide evidence.
It is unacceptable reading the front page headline of Wednesday’s The National about police not completing court files of the case involving the murder of Jenelyn Kennedy.
The prosecutors requested for more time after the court has already made its intention known to strike out the case if police failed their investigation.
Our justice system is insecure.
Officers failing their duties are not being prosecuted and questioned about the delays in investigations after the court strikes out cases.



  • Well said, Hanam. These incompetent officers deserve to be terminated from their jobs.

    In the private sector, non performance is a termination offence, and slack, incompetent employees are terminated forthwith.

    However, in the public sector, it is the opposite.

  • Incompetent and corrupt officers looking for something else to feed their big stomachs instead of doing their given tasks to serve the nation and its people. Corruption is everywhere.

  • Incompetent and corrupt officers need to be terminated from their jobs. They always taking advantages from serious cases like this and looking for something else to feed their big stomachs, instead of doing their given tasks to serve the nation and its people. Corruption is everywhere.

  • I’ve always been a critic incompetent, lazy and corrupt police investigators resulting in cases getting thrown out by the courts. They fail those aggrieved defendants and the state big time without feeling any shame and get away with it – nothing is done to hold them accountable for their incompetence, laziness and corruption.

    Incompetent, lazy and corrupt police line leadership – the police investigators doing incompetent, lazy and corrupt work on the ground are only a reflection of their leadership. The tail swing to the beat of the head. Police leadership knows too well a lot of cases are getting thrown out by the courts but they choose to sit by and do nothing. Indirectly they have been accepting it, condoning and supporting it to continue and overtime it has become an acceptable culture where police cases gets thrown out everyone accepts it. There is a saying “the standard you walk past is the standard you accept” – the police leadership have been accepting it all along and it has become embedded in their culture. It is a demonstration of poor police leadership – no urgency to see it as a red flag and to institute strategies to better manage it.

    Penalties for incompetent, lazy and corrupt police investigators – both the police leadership and courts have been too lenient on those police investigators who have their cases getting thrown out by the courts. The courts need to start penalising those incompetent, lazy and corrupt police investigators and also haul in their supervisors for accountability so they wake up to the fact that they can be punished for being incompetent, lazy and corrupt so they start pulling up their socks to improve and perform better in investigating and successfully prosecuting cases.

    Upskilling their investigation competencies and resourcing them – this is where police leadership identify areas these police investigators need to improve on and provide the necessary training required and top that off by providing the resources they need to effectively do their jobs – when you have competent investigators and have the resources provided they perform to expectations and when they win cases it gives them job satisfaction which further inspire and motive them to continue doing a better job.

  • Remember the saying, “The fish starts rotting from the head”.

    If the heads of the police hierarchy lacks discipline, corrupt and incompetent, one can only imagine how worse it would be down the line.
    The buck starts and ends with the heads.

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