Juvenile rape cases rising: Turi

The National, Thursday July 21st, 2016

PARENTS have been warned to take better care of their children as rape cases involving minors are on the rise.
National Capital District Met Supt Benjamin Turi made the call after a number of juvenile rape cases had been reported recently.
Turi said seven rape cases were reported on Monday and Tuesday.
Four of the cases involved minors between ages of eight and 13, he said.
“If this number of cases can be reported in a space of two days, something is really wrong with the society.
“Parents must now keep close watch on their children, especially those under 10 years because a lot of the victims are being picked up in vehicles,” Turi said. He said one factor that might have contributed to the rise in rape cases could be the internet pornography.
“It seems like because of technology and the internet, people are watching porn and becoming sick in their heads,” Turi said.
He said this enticed them to pick on girls and women.
Turi urged parents to take good care of their children and set basic rules to protect them.
“Parents must teach their children, especially minors, to not talk to strangers, receive gifts from them and move around by themselves,” he said.
Turi said this was because in one of the cases involving an eight-year-old girl, a man used a 20 toea coin to lure her and then raped her.
“Some people must make awareness for parents to take care of their children, especially girls because men are luring them with gifts such as money and food, and then rape them.”
According to Turi, the suspects in reported cases were known and have been taken in for questioning.
Most were relatives of the victims, he said.